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What is it?

Are you a subject matter expert who owns content from multiple sources? Articles from blogs, videos on YouTube, information from public speaking engagements, podcasts, all relating to the same topic? Use Snapboard to organize links to the content that matters most. Adding new content? No problem – host it with us!

Corporate solutions as well!

Corporations assemble large amounts of data to support sales, marketing, customer service and other functional disciplines. They need to organize this content in a dynamic way so it can be shared with customers and other target audiences. No problem! Tell us your corporate need. We can help!

Are you a teacher?

Educators need to gather masses of information, do research, and then teach. For that they create a syllabus for each of their classes, lectures, reading lists and other helpful online resources for multiple classes. Snapboard helps educators collaborate with their peers, students and others and yet control how the information is shared.